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Catastrophe Claims

Committed to Serving Our Clients

Rhino Claim Services has the capacity and available resources to assist your company during your time of greatest need, when disaster strikes. Our adjuster base has experience handling all types of catastrophic losses, including wind, ice, hail, water, fire and earthquake. Whether you experience a low volume sewer back-up/sump pump failure event, to widespread hurricane damage, Rhino Claims is able to assist. On site field management, quality assurance personnel and file review is standard with Rhino Claims to ensure you receive the product you expect. A fully equipped, staffed and managed catastrophe base of operations is at your service and is just a phone call away. Please call for further assistance.

Daily Claims

Whatever You Need

Rhino Claim Services presently offers daily claim coverage throughout the Continental United States. Our adjusters have the capacity to respond in a moments notice to any emergency you may have (any peril). We understand the critical nature of these claims and are motivated to get our customers back on their feet with rapid deployment procedures. Our adjusters are committed to make prompt and sincere contact with your customers to gain immediate control of each loss.


Desk Adjustments

We're Always Here

Whether working inside your home office or working remotely in conjunction with one of your local offices, Rhino Claim Services can provide qualified personnel to handle lower severity property claims. Our adjuster network can assist with claim overflow by performing customer-friendly, single phone call desk adjustments. A phone investigation followed by a computer-generated estimate and settlement recommendation can provide an inexpensive solution during high volume, low severity claim cycles.

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